Match Report Pro is a brand new team management & live scoring app, allowing team officials, players & parents to connect. With unique features such as live scoring, never before has grassroots football had such an advanced platform, and what's more, it's FREE!
Everyone! Espeically designed for grassroots football of all levels, Match Report Pro allows team officials, players & parents to all get involved. Once the team manager/ official has setup the team, they can invite other members of the team to join.

Available on iOS & Android apps and also via web.
Team admins can setup matches prior to the match, and then on gameday simply press the Live Scoring button. Tap buttons for each match actions, which will automatically create a live feed and statistics. After the match, an automatically generated match report will be available, and allow the admin to add his comments (or interview).
Don't worry, we know how busy you are on a matchday. You have two options; (1) To permit someone else to do live scoring, add/edit matches and events and see other admin priveleges, go to edit member and assign the person as an admin. (2) After the match, you can enter the information retrospectively by clicking on the fixture and pressing "Enter Result Only" from the pop-up list.
When setting up a fixture or event (e.g. training), you will have the option to select which members to invite. Push notifications and emails will then be sent to each member, inviting them to accept or decline the invite. All members will then be able to see who is attending and who can't make it.
Yes, the payments area allows the team admin to assign fees such as training fees to each member, who can then use their card to make payments. The admin has access to see who has paid what, and keep track of all transactions. Simple!
When Live Scoring a match you will be given the option to connect your Facebook & Twitter accounts. After each selected match action, Match Report Pro will post to your social media with beautiful graphics to keep all your supporters in the loop.
Our algorithm will pick all the key match actions from your game, and write out a review of the match as if you had written it yourself (almost)! Of course if you want to add something extra in then you can edit the match report, and also add a manager's interview.

It might not be magic, but it's pretty close!.
After each match, all members will be sent an email with a link to the shareable match report and statistics from the match.
Yes, using the following section in the app menu (explore section on web), you can search for other teams and see their key stats.
You bet. To use the platform costs exactly zero, zilch, nada! 100% FREE!

Any more questions? Send us your message via the contact us section and we will be happy to help.